How to Become a Creative Blogger

What type of blog would you want to write about? A niche or general focus? Make sure you choose wisely because blogs are a great way to attract potential readers to your site. A blogger does not necessarily need to be an expert at something. There are many topics out there that can be covered with enough research and writing skills. The key is to write well and connect with the audience. Blogging is one of the easiest ways to generate income from home. Whether you’re looking to make some extra cash through affiliate marketing, or simply become your boss on, blogging should be at the top of your to-do list. Here’s how to start a successful creative blog today.

How to Become a Creative Blogger

The first step in starting a blog is choosing your niche – this is what will drive all future content on your website. You must decide where your interest lies within.

1. Choose Your Niche

There are countless hosting companies available. If you go with a free option that has “free trial” plans, it will allow you to try before you buy.

2. Set Up Website Hosting

Domain names are like websites without the website itself. They act as the address for online users. When people visit your website domain name, they get directed to another website (your blog). This will help others find your site easier when searching around the internet.

3. Register Domain Name

Domain privacy protection protects your personal information while browsing other sites. It prevents search engine bots such as Google from crawling your site and collecting data on your visitors.

4. Buy Domain Privacy Protection

Your blog posts are what bring traffic back to your site by linking to external sources. These links will be posted throughout different areas of your site including sidebars, footers, and headers. By using SEO techniques, you can increase the likelihood of driving traffic back to your page. Also, keep your social media accounts updated so followers know when new content goes live.

5. Create Content & Link to Other Sites

Promoting your website requires more than just posting a link somewhere. Take time to create quality content, build relationships, ask for feedback and test out new ideas. Be sure to market your site every day.

6. Promote Your Site

If you have found yourself here then congratulations! Now that you have decided to start a blog, you may be wondering where do I begin? Well, it’s time to learn the ropes. To earn money off of your new business venture, you need to take steps to monetize your site. Some popular methods include advertising and affiliate partnerships.
Advertising options range from simple banner ads to complex call tracking systems. For example, most bloggers choose to use WordPress plugins and applications such as Adsense.
Affiliate Marketing is a proven method for making money online. With this program, you set up your affiliate link and promote products or services on your site. Once someone clicks on your affiliate link and purchases something, you receive payment. The amount you receive depends on the sale.

7. Monetize Your Site

Guest posting enables you to expose your knowledge and expertise to potential clients in an effective way. A guest post might not necessarily lead to guaranteed success but at least it gives you a chance to show off your skills and experience.

8. Start Guest Posting